KN95 Facemask 5-Ply CE Certified - 5 Pack

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The KN95 5-ply cushioned face mask includes a filter efficiency of greater than/equal 95 percent, to shield against microns greater than 0.3 in.

The nose piece fits firmly across the bridge of their nose and the ear hooks maintain the mask protected from shifting during motion. Ideal for everyday use in your home and at work, traveling, or trips to the supermarket and health club, the masks help stop the spread of germs and shield yourself from airborne allergens and particles.

5-pack: of disposable KN95 masks
5-ply layout: shields against airborne pollutants and pollen larger than 0.3 microns in dimension
Greater than 95% filter efficacy: to effectively shield respiratory wellness
Fits firmly over face: to avoid shifting during motion
Perfect for daily use in your home and in work, traveling, or trips to the supermarket and fitness center