Kids Emergen-C (Pack of 30)

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30 Packs per box

Orange Flavour

  • Contains 30 single-serving packs (0.33 oz. Each) of Emergen-C Kidz Dietary Supplement at Fruit Punch taste

  • Enjoy every day as a nutritional supplement for immune support

  • Every serving of Emergen-C Kidz provides 250 milligrams Vitamin C and B vitamins, antioxidants(1) and electrolytes

  • Vitamin C drink mix dissolves rapidly in water; it is sour, salty and caffeine-free

  • Experience each the carbonated goodness of this first Emergen-C, especially formulated only for youngsters

  • Emergen-C Kidz Fruit Punch is naturally sweetened, created using organic colours, and is brewed.